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631 Chapala Street
Santa Barbara, CA, 93101
United States


Whether you are brand new to photography or are looking for a refresher class on some of the basics, these workshops are constructed with one main goal in mind- to get you out of the automatic and preset modes and start using your camera to its fullest potential. I truly believe we are all creative individuals; and with the basic technical knowledge of a camera, photography is a medium of art that everyone can enjoy!


Based in Central California with workshops ranging from the Los Angeles to Santa Barbara areas.


About Lindsey


Lindsey Baumsteiger is a freelance, fine-art photographer based in Santa Babara, California; where she graduated from Brooks Institute of Photography. She has spent years traveling and taking pictures for herself and clients, but has found that her heart resides in the teaching of photography. A firm supporter in the power of creative self-expression, Lindsey believes that photography is a medium of art every individual can greatly benefit from. It is this passion and experience that has brought her back to beautiful Santa Barbara to share her excitement.

Founder/Owner of INLIGHT

est. 2015



Lindsey took the fear of ‘being in over my head’ and smashed it. She explained things in a way that made me feel less scared to pull out my camera in front of people. Most of all, she made photography an inviting place. I am encouraged, excited, and look forward to taking another class with her in the future.
— Katharine L.
I feel like I understand a lot more of the technical aspects behind photography and how it all ties into the big picture. I’m looking forward to the next group class!
— Laura P.
Lindsey is great instructor and really easy to follow. She uses easy to understand concepts and example photos in her slide deck to illustrate the intended effect of a setting.
— Mike R.
Lindsey is knowledgeable and had a real passion for both photography and passing her love of photography along to her students. The manual settings have always been intimidating for me. Lindsey broke it down in a way that helped me to really understand. Her class has opened me to a whole world of possibilities and has ignited a new passion for a hobby that I have always loved. I could not wait to rush out and try the new techniques.
— Jon S.