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Student Feature

Brad Corona

Lindsey Baumsteiger


This month, I'm truly excited to feature a long-time student of mine, Brad. Throughout the past year, Brad has taken a series of private lessons and workshops with me. I have seen his photography skills improve greatly.

After traveling to a few different places this summer, I asked if he would send me some of his favorite photos from not only his recent trips, but the entire year.

Enjoy this collection of beautiful people and places from around the world, through Brad's eyes.





Some tips



from Brad.

1. What do you shoot with? (Camera Type, Lenses... Spill it!)

Fuji X100T

2. What are your favorite subjects to photograph?

Friends and family (almost always candid), landscapes / city-scapes, old objects (especially cars), skateboarders... I also enjoy going out to shoot with a particular aesthetic or technique in mind - black & white, motion blur, etc. - and just randomly finding subjects that work in that context.

3. Do you have any tips for other photo enthusiasts that are learning, just like you?

1) Take a lesson to learn about basic composition - some of the principles aren't necessarily intuitive and working with an experienced photographer really helped me.

2) Shoot with prime lenses - having a fixed focal length forced me to move around and think more about composition.

3) Have some kind of goal in mind - whether it's a capturing a specific subject or practicing a technique. There is obviously nothing wrong with just heading out with a camera, but (at least for me) this can lead to a bunch of flat, "I was there" shots.