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2749 Northwest Rainbow Ridge Drive
Bend, OR, 97701
United States


Whether you are brand new to photography or are looking for a refresher class on some of the basics, these workshops are constructed with one main goal in mind- to get you out of the automatic and preset modes and start using your camera to its fullest potential. I truly believe we are all creative individuals; and with the basic technical knowledge of a camera, photography is a medium of art that everyone can enjoy!


Based in Central California with workshops ranging from the Los Angeles to Santa Barbara areas.


Student Feature

Hannah B.

Lindsey Baumsteiger


This month, the student feature is a past student of mine, Hannah. Hannah took the Beginner's Photography Class and started taking her camera on camping adventures here and there. Personally, I love her moody, contrasty views of nature. Enjoy!





Some tips



from Hannah.

1. What do you shoot with? (Camera Type, Lenses... Spill it!)

A Canon Rebel T3i with the standard lens included that I got for free.

2. What are your favorite subjects to photograph?

Action shots or moving subjects (i.e.: skateboarding, running horses) and macro work. I'd like to get into more people shooting.

3. Do you have any tips for other photo enthusiasts that are learning, just like you?

Don't be afraid to be bad! I tend to be very critical of myself and my pictures, so I constantly have to remind myself that everyone starts somewhere, and no one was born an expert.