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2749 Northwest Rainbow Ridge Drive
Bend, OR, 97701
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Whether you are brand new to photography or are looking for a refresher class on some of the basics, these workshops are constructed with one main goal in mind- to get you out of the automatic and preset modes and start using your camera to its fullest potential. I truly believe we are all creative individuals; and with the basic technical knowledge of a camera, photography is a medium of art that everyone can enjoy!


Based in Central California with workshops ranging from the Los Angeles to Santa Barbara areas.

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Conceptual Photography

Dig deep.

Conceptual Photography Private Workshop

I am now offering a Conceptual Photography Private Workshop. The goal? To explore a broader, more conceptual idea in your life using photography as a tool of expression. 

Maybe you're thinking, "What the...." - which I totally understand. So, let me give you an idea... You might choose to explore a topic such as: 

  • intimacy within relationships

  • new health

  • independence

  • trust

  • openness

  • stillness

  • time

  • death

  • change

  • acceptance

  • harmony

For these sessions, we will discuss in detail the topic you'd like to explore and why. Then, we will analyze the subjects we could photograph to conceptualize an image or small series around that topic. Together, we will curate imagery that reflects your journey to better understanding the topic. This imagery can end up be anything from a portrait to a still life, an abstraction of something natural, the use of a particular color spectrum, a composited series of sunrises, etc... 

Each personalized workshop is broken down into multiple sessions and different phases :

PHASE 1  |  D I S C O V E R Y

A session in person or on the phone where we:

- Choose your topic and discuss 

- Analyze subject matter and map out imagery concepts

PHASE 2  |  C U R A T I O N

2-3 sessions spent photographing together.

PHASE 3  |  F R U I T I O N

Session(s) in person to include:

- Image review and post-processing

- Printing (additional prices vary depending on sizing)


The price for a workshop varies depending on the length and depth of the material covered. Please contact me and we will discuss the details together.

As always, let me know if you have any questions.I know that discussing "conceptual photography" can feel rather broad or intimidating and I'm happy to dive into more detail with you if you are interested. 

Photo by student: Magne L.

Photo by student: Magne L.

Photo by student: Florine D.

Photo by student: Florine D.

Photo by student: Siobhan D.

Photo by student: Siobhan D.

Photo by teacher: Lindsey

Photo by teacher: Lindsey